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The Annual Property Owner’s Association Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 19th at 7:00 PM at the Watson Realty Mandarin North Office, 11226 San Jose Blvd.  All homeowners are strongly encouraged to attend.  There will be discussion about the possibility of bringing in a professional management company, eliminating the holiday event after 2013 and election of a new Board of Directors.  The official ballot is included in this newsletter.  If you are interested in serving as a board member, please email:  Patty Ojeda at pattyojeda @ or  Don Peterson at grover1951 @ or Richard Hurst at hurstr16637 @ prior to the annual meeting. 


The holiday festivities and luminaries were a huge success again this year and a big thanks to all of the wonderful people who contributed their time and effort.  The holiday light winners were:  Festive Category, The Weimer  home at 3877 Marnie Ct.  Elegant Category, The Riley home at 11835 Pegasus Dr.  Traditional Category, The Sanders home at 12037 Ambrosia Ct.  Congratulations to all.  Also much thanks to Bob and Marion Zeiner for the streetlights and entrance decorations.


Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month judging will resume in May.




The 2012 year end budget and 2013 proposed budget is on the reverse side of the Board of Directors Ballot.


As of February 18th, only 60% of homeowner dues have been collected.

Here is a breakdown by street of the number of homeowners who have NOT paid their 2013 dues with the percentage that have paid:


Ambrosia, 4 out of 17 homeowners (76% paid).  Equestrian, 9 out of 16 (43% paid).  Helicon, 5 out of 16 (69% paid).  Marnie, 13 out of 18 (28% paid)--of which 9 homeowners have not paid dues for at least 2 years. Oldfield Point Dr, 18 out of 40 (55% paid).  Pegasus, 4 out of 15 (73% paid).  Congratulations to Oldfield Lake Court for 100% paid!!!  If you are one of these homeowners who have not sent in 2013 dues, please do your part and mail a check now to Patty Ojeda.  $115.00 per year for association dues is really a very insignificant amount to pay for neighborhood maintenance and other associated costs.



Election of Board of Directors, March 19, 2013


Official Ballot



According to the Articles of Incorporation, the Board of Directors shall consist of 7 to 12 members.



PLEASE VOTE FOR UP TO 12 HOMEOWNERS TO BE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  You may write in other names on the lines provided, but please first obtain permission from that person.



___Patty & Marshall Ojeda                ___William James      


___Joe & Melanie Johnson      


___Janet & Richard Hurst            ___Don & Maggie  Peterson




Write in nominations:    ______________         ______________


______________           ______________         ______________



Signature of homeowner:____________________Date:_____________

Signature of proxy designee__________________Date:_____________


Address of homeowner:______________________________________


Board of Directors meeting will immediately follow the annual meeting for the purpose of electing officers.


Please bring completed ballot to the annual meeting at the Watson Realty Mandarin Office or return to Richard Hurst  at 11924 Oldfield Point Dr or Don Peterson at 12083 Oldfield Point Dr prior to the meeting.