Property Owners’ Association of Oldfield Pointe Inc.

Quarterly Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2010


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Don Peterson, President.  The minutes from the annual meeting held March 23. 2010 were distributed and read by those in attendance.  Patty Ojeda made a motion to approve the minutes and Ronique Gibson seconded that motion.  The minutes were approved as written.  Don asked the attendees to introduce themselves.  (A list of those attending the meeting is included at the end of the minutes.)


Treasurer’s Report:  Patty Ojeda reported a bank balance of $5,616 as of May 17, 2010 with current year dues remaining uncollected from fourteen residences.  This makes 89% of dues collected year to date.  She indicated that JEA water payments have been estimated and prepaid for the remainder of the calendar year and McGovern’s Maintenance (landscaping) payments have been prepaid for the remainder of the calendar year in exchange for a 5% rate reduction on the remaining  monthly payments.  She projected an additional $820 in expenses for the remainder of the year for the balance of the hayride after deposit, luminary event costs and sprinkler system backflow valve tests.  This gives and a projected budget carryover from the prior year of $2,196.   This should allow us to accrue an additional $1,300 toward capital replacement costs, although unbudgeted in 2010, and give us a total of $3,900 accrued at the end of 2010.


Block Captain Reports:  Don asked if any of the Block Captains had any news to report.  Jon Hicks informed the group that Bess Horn, wife of Tom Horn at 3532 Equestrian had passed away recently.  Those who know Tom may wish to send their condolences.


Committee Reports:


Architectural Review:  Don stated the only current project is the remodeling at Pam Hanley’s house that was previously approved.


Directory/Welcome Committee:  Jim Haynes stated that he and Heather had welcomed Gina Saladin at 3560 Oldfield Lake Court to the community. He stated they had attempted to meet the new residents at 3529 Equestrian Court, but had not yet caught them at home.  A request for directory updates went out in the last newsletter and the directory will be updated as some as updates are received.  It is hoped that advertisements can be sold in the directory as last time to offset the printing costs.  Patty Ojeda indicated she would be interested in purchasing an advertisement.


Landscaping/Entrances:  Don stated that there are a few light bulbs that need replaced at the entrances and the flowers at the small end of the Loretto Road island seem to be pretty wilted, but everything else looks good.  The same type of flowers planted at the other end of that island seem to be doing much better.  There was some discussion about rebidding the landscaping contract at the end of the year and possibly eliminating cutting along Aladdin Road as the city does that periodically and does the other side of the Aladdin Road as well.


Newsletter/Website:  Don indicated that the newsletter had just gone out the prior week and that Steve Easton has been asked to update the Architectural Review information and form on the website.


Social Committee:  Don stated that the hayride and luminary event has been scheduled by Janet Mahn for Tuesday, December 21, 2010.  Patty has sent them a deposit of $150 and the $400 balance will be due the night of the hayride.  Janet will not be in town on that date to coordinate the luminary event, so we will need a volunteer/volunteers to do so.


Yard of the Month:  Everett Mason was not in attendance, but Don stated that John and Sheila Huddleston at 3551 Oldfield Lake Court were the Yard of the Month winners for May of 2010.  Don also noted that there was some previous discussion about only allowing a resident to win Yard of the Month once every two years so that a broader group of individuals would be recognized for their hard work in helping our neighborhood to look great.  As this was discussed, but never formally agreed or announced in the newsletter or on the website, it will not be implemented until next year.  This will be announced in the newsletter and on the web site before the 2011 Yard of the Month cycle begins.


Old Business:  Patty Ojeda stated she has not seen anyone maintaining the house at 12119 Oldfield Pointe Drive.  She has been unable to find out who we need to contact about removing the tree from the roof, but will continue to try to catch someone when they are there to get the information.


New Business:  Richard Hurst stated he had been picking up litter left by students at the school bus stop at the Loretto Road Entrance.  He indicated he had done this repeatedly.  As school is about to be out and this problem will be resolved for the summer, it was decided to put something in the newsletter before the new school session about requesting that students not litter in this area.  As students take drinks to the bus stop, but are not allowed to take them onto busses, we may consider purchase of a trash or recycle bin for this location.  Richard also stated that the trees on Aladdin road may again need to be trimmed to allow a better view of Aladdin traffic for those turning off of Helicon.   This situation will be checked and the city contacted to trim the trees if needed.


Our next meeting is scheduled ar Patty Ojeda’s house on Tuesday, September 14, 2010.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Minutes submitted May 19, 2010

Donald G. Peterson



In Attendance:  Don Peterson, William James, Patty Ojeda, Jim Haynes, Peg Hobbie, Jon Hicks, Ronique Gibson and Richard Hurst.