Property Association of Oldfield Pointe

Meeting Minutes March 29, 2011


Meeting was called to order by Don Peterson at 7:06 PM.


Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved as written.


Patty Ojeda gave the Treasurerís report and stated that 2011 dues are 74% paid.  Bank balance is currently $8,352.94 with an additional $5,200 in the separate capital replacement account.


Patty also raised the issue that both association incorporated names are not listed on the HOA Director and Officerís Insurance.  She will contact the insurance provider to see that this is done.


Sheila Huddleston requested that the HOA address property issues at 3536 Oldfield Lake Court.  The front lawn is all weeds, cars are being parked on front lawn and repairs have been made to house using plywood to replace a window.  Don Peterson said he would review the situation and send requests for correction to the property owner/city as warranted.


Don Peterson asked if there were any comments on the new landscaping company.  It was requested that he contact the landscaper about trimming the dead branches out of the tree behind the sign at the Loretto entrance.  The flowers on the island were noted as not looking great, but may be at the end of their blooming cycle due to weather, and will be replaced soon as per the replanting schedule.  Lack of water was not determined to be the cause of their condition. 


Patty Ojeda raised a question about the watering of the Aladdin island as we are getting minimum JEA billings with no water usage shown.  Sheila Huddleston commented that she sees the sprinkler system on and that the island would be dead if the sprinkler was not working.  Sheila also commented that she has seen kids picking the fake stone styrofoam cap on the Loretto sign and had stopped and told them to stop. 


Don Peterson noted there are various lights out on the Loretto entrance island and he would make repairs as needed.  Richard Hurst stated that we need to extend the sprinklers systems to better cover the flower beds.


Janet Mahn will establish a date and post an ad for the fall neighborhood garage sale at a later date.


Yard of the month will begin again in April.   Sheila Huddleston said she would be glad to assist with this role if Everette Mason has a conflict on a judging weekend.


Dave Ferguson was not in attendance to give an update on speed traps and if he was able to get a copy of the police report concerning the incident on Pegasus.


 Marshall Ojeda reported that an apparent prowler was spotted in his front yard at around 2 AM.  A neighbor returning home confronted the individual verbally, and the person jumped into a waiting car and left. We urge all residents to please remain alert.  Don Peterson said he would ask that this be a newsletter item.




Ballots were collected and Don Peterson announced that all five board nominees on the ballot were elected.  Don also  indicated that there were numerous write in recommendations and he would contact them to see if they were willing to serve on the board.


Write-ins were as follows:


Elaine Weaver

Nancy Sgroi

Hilton Dempsey

Jon Hicks

Ed Gamble

Gina Saladin

Lisa Miller

Philip Cressman

Sheila Huddleston

Russell Weimer

Gina Riley

Glenn Akens

Steve Adams

Don Hellman


Board nominees agreed to serve in the following Board Officer rolls for 2011:


Richard Hurst - President

Patty Ojeda- Treasurer

Don Peterson Ė Vice President/Secretary


The new board wished to express gratitude to those leaving the board at this time.  Many thanks to Heather and Jim Haynes, Bonnie Ackermann and Peg Hobbie for their service to the Board of Directors.  You will be missed.


A special thanks was also expressed to Bob and Marion Zeiner for their ongoing work with the holiday decorations.


The next meeting was scheduled for Don Petersonís house on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Meeting attendees were Don Peterson, Patty Ojeda, Marshall Ojeda, William James, Tom Ackermann, Bonnie Ackermann, Larry Read, Nancy Sgroi, Janet Mahn, Richard Hurst and Sheila Huddleston.


Nancy Sgroi

Ad Hoc Meeting Secretary