Property Owners’ Association of Oldfield Pointe

Meeting Minutes March 27, 2012


Richard Hurst, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  Minutes from the prior meeting were reviewed.  A correction was noted that the hayride was December 21st, rather than January 21st,, as written in the minutes.  A correction to the prior meeting minutes will be made.  A motion to approve the prior minutes as corrected was made, seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report


Patty Ojeda presented the Treasurer’s Report and stated we currently have collected 75% of 2012 dues as of 3/27/12, which is the same as last year at this time.  This is $11,500 in dues collected.  Expenses are in line for 2012 and we might be over budget for water for the islands.  The capital investment account is up to $7,802.  Patti noted as she is giving up the Treasurer duties, we need someone new to assume this role for 2012.  She also noted that a door to door campaign to collect additional dues was needed


Block Captain Reports


It was reported that there is another house in foreclosure on Equestrian.   Abigail Rosario has volunteered to be block captain for Pegasus.  Many thanks to Peg Hobbie for the many years she has served as block captain for Pegasus.


Architectural Review – No Report


Directory and Welcoming Committee – No Report


Landscaping Entrances


Richard Hurst stated he had trimmed some of the dead limbs out of the tree on the Loretto  Road  island and that the new flowers look good.


Newsletter and Website – No Report


Social Activities


Janet Mahn stated that the garage sale will be scheduled in the fall and that she would look at the school schedule to try to determine the best 2012 luminary/hayride dates.






Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month will resume in May.  Halls will be contacted to see if they will continue to provide gift certificates.  Many thanks to Everette Mason for his service in behalf of Yard of the Month the past several years.


Old Business


Tires were recently cut on a car on Oldfield Pointe Drive.  Richard Hurst stated that the dog owners on Oldfield Pointe Drive, and those complaining about the dogs on Helicon, had been delivered copies of the city dog ordinances outlining how the issue should be addressed.  He stated the boat parked in the driveway on Helicon was currently gone.  He also stated that the weeds had been sprayed at the vacant house on Helicon and the vacant house on Oldfield Pointe Drive. 


New Business – No Report


Election of 2012 Board


Ballots for nominees were reviewed and counted, and the 2012 Board of Directors and assignments will be as on sheet attached.  Many thanks to those leaving  their 2011 roles, especially Patty Ojeda, who has served as Treasurer for the past two years.


Date and Location of Next Meeting


The next regular meeting will be held Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 at 7:00 PM, at the Peterson residence at 12083 Oldfield Pointe Drive. The meeting was adjourned by Richard Hurst at 8:30PM.


Maggie Peterson for Don Peterson, Secretary


Meeting attendees were Richard Hurst, Janet Hurst, Patty Ojeda, Marshall Ojeda, Bill James, Janet Mahn, Ron Hicks, Pam Hanley, Maggie Peterson, Joe McClung, Theresa McClung, Christie Easton. Steve Adams, Tom Ackermann and Bonnie Ackermann.