Property Owners Association of Oldfield Point, Inc

Annual Meeting Minutes

March 7,2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Mark Tyre, President.

The minutes from the December 6, 2016 meeting distributed and reviewed.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as written.  The motion was passed.

Treasurer Report – Steve Adams, Treasurer, presented.  As of 3/7/17 the Capital account has a balance of $2,409.73 and the Checking account has a balance of $2,262.27 for a total of $4,672.00.  This does not include any dues collected for 2017.  The budget for 2017 was presented and discussed.  See attached document.  Questions answered.  Don Peterson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Philip Cressman seconded.  Motion passed.

Architectural Review -  Don Peterson reported that one home needs a fence for their pool.  Nothing else pending.

Directory & Welcome Committee

We will contact Elaine Powell to see if she would be willing to do the updates for a new directory.  Maggie Peterson will be assisting with this as well as printing. 

Debbie and Mark Tyre have initiated the Oldfield Point Facebook site.   There are currently about 20 people who have signed up. 

Landscaping / Entrances

There are ongoing issues with the electricity feeding the Helicon entrance.  Don Peterson and Richard Hurst will evaluate the problems.

The backflow test failed and it will cost $99 to repair.

Newsletter & Website

Steve Adams will get together with Steve Easton to assist with the update of the website.

Information on the Facebook page as well as requests for directory updates will be distributed in a Newsletter.  The street captains will be asked to pass out for each street.

Social Activities

After discussion, it was decided to postpone the social.  We will plan a Spring Fling for  March 3, 2018.


Yard of the Month

Maggie Peterson reported that Yard of the Month will resume in May. 

Old Business

Fence – Mark Tyre outlined the situation regarding the fence installation.  Don Peterson shared the discussion he had with Mr Ricketson’s attorney.  We are still awaiting final resolution.

New Business –

We had spoken about planting grass seed along the new fence line.  We will purchase Bahia seed and Don Peterson will put it down.

There is concern about homeowners maintaining landscaping along the interior of the new fence line.   The bamboo and other overgrowth has the potential for causing damage to the new fence.  Mark Tyre will send a letter to homeowners  emphasizing the need and their responsibility.

There was a discussion about increasing the dues by $10 for 2018.  After discussion Peg Hobbie made a motion to increase the annual dues from $115 to $125 in 2018.  Philip Cressman seconded the motion.  Steve Adams abstained from the vote.  Motion carried.    

Since a ballot was not distributed prior to the annual meeting, Steve Adams made a motion for a special election meeting on April 4th.  Philip Cressman seconded.  Motion carried.

Kevin McCabe agreed to being added to the ballot as a board member. 

Peg Hobbie moved to adjourn the meeting.  Casey Adams seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peg Hobbie


In attendance –

Maggie Peterson, Donald Peterson, Conley Hobbie, Christie Easton, Casey Adams, Debbie Tyre, Kevin McCabe, William James, Philip Cressman, Mark Tyre, Steve Adams, Peg Hobbie, Richard Hurst