Property Owners Association of Oldfield Pointe, Inc.

Quarterly Meeting

September 20, 2016


The meeting was held at the home of Mark & Debbie Tyre, 11867 Oldfield Point Dr.  It was called to order at 7:05pm by President, Mark Tyre.


The minutes from the June 21, 2016 meeting were reviewed. Steve Adams made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Bill James seconded and the motion was passed.

Treasurer’s Report-

Steve Adams presented the report.  He has moved $8,000 from checking to savings as planned.

Bill James made a motion to accept the treasurers report.  Peg Hobbie seconded and motion passed.

Architectural Review-

Nothing currently to report.

Directory & Welcome Committee-

Additional directories have been printed.  Everyone is encouraged to keep Everette Mason informed of new neighbors.  It is important that we supply them with the garbage schedule, directory, website information, & Facebook information.

Landscaping entrances-

Light timers are not working properly.  Timers will be adjusted.  Jeff Gibson has offered to put together some recommendations for improvements to the entrances.

Newsletter & Website

We need to be sending any updates or announcements to the Eastons.  Debbie Tyre has been working on the Oldfield Pointe Facebook page.  All posts will go thru her.  A link will be added from Facebook page to our website.

Social Activities

Oct 22nd AM will be the garage sale.  Mark and Debbie Tyre will put together a flyer.

It was decided to postpone the block party until late Spring.  Mark Tyre has offered to organize the block party.  We need volunteers to be part of a committee to assist him. 

The hayride & illuminaries are scheduled for Dec 22nd.  Richard & Janet Hurst organize this. 

Yard of the Month

July – the Klase family on Equestrian

Aug – the Weavers on Oldfield Lake Ct

Sept – the Dempseys on Pegasus Dr

Old Business

2 companies have been contacted for quotes on a new fence.  So far we have a quote for $11,000 for wood and $20,000 for Vinyl.  Jeff Gibson has a contact at Sunset and will also look up some local companies to  consider another type of fencing.  One question we have is whether it is feasible/ advisable to replace the brick columns.

New Business

Association history discussed and clarified.  No other new business identified.

Our next meeting will be Dec 6th @ 7:05pm.

Steve Adams made a motion that we adjourn, Don Peterson seconded.

Respectfully submitted –

Peg Hobbie, Secretary


Steve Adams

Bill James

Buzz Jones

Debbie & Mark Tyre

Jeff & April Gibson

Don Peterson

Richard Hurst

Peg Hobbie