Property Ownersí Association of Oldfield Pointe

Meeting Minutes September 20, 2011


Richard Hurst, President, called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.  Minutes from prior meeting were reviewed and approved as written.  A motion to approve the prior minutes as written was made, seconded and approved.


Patty Ojeda presented the Treasurerís Report and stated we currently have $5,588 in the checking account and $5,200.00 in the capital budget savings account.  Budget variances were noted for dues collections (-$915) for sprinkler and lighting repairs (+$107) and water from JEA (+203).  Twenty homes remain unpaid and one partially unpaid, which gives a total of 83% paid at the current time.  Third notices will be sent out.  The recent water bills have returned to normal levels.


Block Captain Reports:


Don Peterson indicated that he had opened a code violation ticket on the house at 12119 Oldfield Pointe Drive regarding the uncut lawn, collapsed fence, sagging gutter  and trash in the back yard.  From the various alcohol containers, it appears the back yard is being used as a gathering place.  He noted that someone else had apparently also called in code violation on this property.  Someone did recently cut the grass.


Richard Hurst stated that the storage unit was still in the driveway at 3837 Marnie and the residents were working on emptying it.  Several people have volunteered to help, but they have declined any assistance.  Hopefully, this will be gone soon.  He also noted that the dead tree in front of 12111 Oldfield Pointe Drive has been cut down and removed.


Janet Mahn noted there have been two individuals going through trash bags at the curb supposedly looking for metal to recycle.  She asked the police if this was illegal and they indicated it was not if the trash was at the curb (off residentís property).  They stated it was illegal if the trash is placed in the residentís yard on the grass.  It was recommended that this needs to be mentioned in the next newsletter.


There were no reports from Architectural Review or Directory and Welcoming Committee.


Don Peterson stated there is a problem with the sprinkler controller at the Aladdin entrance.  This is an underground battery operated controller as there was no electricity at this entrance when the irrigation system was put in.  If he and Richard cannot get it fixed, he recommends we have a new sprinkler controller installed above ground and wired to the electrical for the lighting.





Newsletter and Website/Social Activities


Janet Mahn stated that the Neighborhood Garage Sale was scheduled for October 22nd and the Hayride is scheduled for December 22nd.  It was recommended that we send out a newsletter before the Neighborhood Garage Sale as a reminder.   There was discussion that some teens on the hayride last year exhibited inappropriate language or behavior for a family event and that this be addressed in the newsletter also, just prior to this event.


Yard of the Month


Don Peterson indicated that Everette Mason thought he had passed this duty to Sheila Huddleston or Elaine Weaver, but they had declined to fill this role on a permanent basis.  No YOTM has been selected for September.  Everette has indicated he will continue this role in September and October, and hopefully we will have someone new for this role by spring before it starts up again.  We need to state in the newsletter that we need someone to fill this role for 2012.


The next meeting will be held Tuesday, December 13th  at 7:00 PM, at the Hurst residence at 11924 Oldfield Pointe Drive.


The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.


Don Peterson



Meeting attendees were Richard Hurst, Don Peterson, Patty Ojeda, Marshall  Ojeda, Bill James, Ethyl James,  Jon Hicks and Janet Mahn.