Property Owner’s Association of Oldfield Pointe

Special Meeting – October 30, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Mark Tyre at 2pm.

Mark reported that $400 was used to repair portions of the fence along Loretto Rd. due to Hurricane Matthew.  Repairs were necessary to secure some residences that lost portions of their fence.  These repairs will temporarily take care of this issue but in view of the fact that we have been planning to replace the fence it was felt that we needed to move forward with a decision.

Bids from four companies have been obtained.   The companies are Hercules Fence Co., Duval Fence Inc., Good Ol’ Boy Fencing, Inc & Professional Restoration Services, LLC.  We considered all four written quotes for both wood and vinyl fence replacements. Discussion included appearance, need for maintenance and future replacement. It was unanimously decided that we would go with tan vinyl and leave our stone posts, having necessary repairs made. It was determined that we do have adequate funds in the Savings account.

After review of all quotes, Everette Mason made a motion to accept the bid from Professional Restoration Services totally $21,500.  Steve Adams seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

Everette will contact the company to obtain more information about the length of time required for repairs.  Mark will notify each of the residents on Equestrian whose property will be involved.

Steve Adams made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Everette Mason and the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peg Hobbie, Secretary


Mark & Debbie Tyre

Peg Hobbie

Steve Adams

Everette Mason

Bill James

Richard Hurst