Property Owners’ Association of Oldfield Pointe

Meeting Minutes June 21, 2011


Don Peterson, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Minutes from prior meeting were reviewed and approved as written.  Patty Ojeda made the motion for acceptance and Janet Mahn seconded the motion.


Patty Ojeda presented the Treasurer’s Report and stated we currently have $7,140.44 in the checking account and $5,200.00 in the capital budget savings account.  83% of dues have been collected with 19 homes remaining unpaid.  Second notices have gone out.  She noted the water bill for the island on Loretto was in excess of $150 for the prior month and the major budget variances YTD appear to be dues revenues and water expenses.  Richard Hurst stated he would check the sprinkler settings on Loretto to reduce water consumption and that part of the costs may have been from broken water lines he recently repaired.


Don Peterson raised the issue that a homeowner on Oldfield Pointe Drive south had recently had their home egged and glass broken in their driveway, and asked if anything of that nature had been reported to other block captains.  Katherine Paul indicated they had a similar occurrence where their house was egged, glass in their recycle bin was broken and put in front of their garage door, and their recycle bin was stolen.


Don Peterson stated the only Architectural  Review issue was the boat/cover structure on Helicon and that Marion Zeiner had contacted him asking how the Board would proceed since no action was taken in response to the letter sent.  After much discussion, the Board agreed to mediate the issue between any residents who wished to pursue the matter and the property owners.   There have been no complaints from property owner who can see the boat/cover structure from their property.


Katherine Paul asked about welcoming committee duties and clarification was given that this is now being done by Block Captains.  Don Peterson informed her that a house on her bock had just closed that afternoon and that he would get her a copy of the most recent directory to give to them when she welcomed them.  She will get the information on the new residents and pass it on to Heather Haines for inclusion in the next printing of the directory.


Richard Hurst indicated he had replaced four sprinkler heads and repaired two broken water lines on the Loretto island.  He would adjust the sprinkler schedule to reduce water costs.  Don Peterson stated he had replaced the dead battery in the Aladdin sprinkler controller and had reprogrammed it.  He also replaced all the bulbs in lights that were out on both islands.  He reported that bulbs did not resolve problems with four of the lights that seem to have corrosion on the bulb connections due to retaining water from the sprinkler system.  Richard Hurst indicated he would buy four replacement lights when he found them at a good price.  Richard also indicated we could possibly loose the tree behind the Loretto road sign as it has various dead spots.  Richard trimmed out the dead branches and said he would keep an eye on it to see if it appears to be getting better or worse.

Janet Mahn proposed we hold the Neighborhood Garage Sale in October on a Saturday the Gators were not scheduled to play (October 22nd).  Patty Ojeda said she would check on the Holiday Hayride and it was noted that school was out December 16th.  As the 16th date is subject to change due to weather make-up days, the event has been scheduled for Thursday, December 22nd.


Patty Ojeda and Janet Mahn stated they did not know who won Yard Of The Month for June as they had not seen the sign anywhere in the neighborhood.  Don Peterson said he would contact Everette Mason to find out.  Everette indicated he had selected Elaine Weaver’s yard at 3557 Oldfield Lake Court, but the sign had been missing when he went to get it from the Ojeda’s yard.  I notified Elaine Weaver and have ordered another sign.


Patty Ojeda stated she had purchased a gift certificate for $25 to Ace Hardware to present to Bob Zeiner for his volunteering to do the street light wrapping each holiday season.  She said she would present it to him.


The next meeting will be held Tuesday, September 20th  at 7:00 PM, at the Ojeda residence at 12127 Oldfield Pointe Drive.


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Don Peterson



Meeting attendees were  Don Peterson, Patty Ojeda, Marshall Ojeda, Katherine Paul, Theresa McClung, Joe McClung, Janet Mahn and Richard Hurst.