Property Owner’s Association of Oldfield Pointe Inc.

Quarterly Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2010



Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm by Richard Hurst with Don Peterson in attendance per speaker phone.  The minutes from the last meeting held September 14, 2010 were reviewed.  Motion was made by Patty Ojeda to approve minutes and seconded by Katherine Paul.  The minutes were approved as written.


Treasurer report:  Budget was presented projecting $13,800 in dues.

Due to new landscaping contract there is a decrease in maintenance line item.

Patty Ojeda proposed a motion to keep dues the same at $115 per year.  Don Peterson moved to accept budget and seconded by Peg Hobbie.  Budget accepted as written.


Architectual Review:  Don Peterson will send a letter to the home on Helicon with the boat cover construction in their yard.  They did not submit for review prior to building.


Social Committee:  The luminaries and hayride will be on December 21, 2010.  Jon & Brook Hicks will host the gathering in front of their home (Equestrian). 

Lowe’s gift cards will be presented for the lights contest.


Yard of the Month:   Winners can only win every other year.  This will be noted in the next newsletter.


Old Business:  The tree has been removed from Vance’s home.

Both of the pot holes have been repaired.


New Business:  Additional discussion regarding speeding in the subdivision.  This will be noted, again, in the next newsletter.  There was further discussion about JSO setting up a speed trap in the sub.  David Ferguson, who is the CPAC representative, will contact someone who can set this up for us.


David Ferguson reported on police activity and concerns regarding the vacant house on Pegasus Dr.  It is unclear who is frequently seen going in and out of the home.  Anyone observing anything of concern is strongly encouraged to report to the police. 


Our next meeting will be the Annual Meeting at the Mandarin Public Library on Tuesday, March 22, 2010.

Patty Ojeda moved to adjourn, seconded by Peg Hobbie.


Minutes submitted December 7, 2010

Peggy A Hobbie


In attendance Patty Ojeda, Katherine Paul, Richard Hurst, David Ferguson, Peg Hobbie and per speaker phone, Don Peterson.