Oldfield Point Property Owners Association Meeting

December 6, 2016


The meeting was held at the home of Mark & Debbie Tyre, 11867 Oldfield Point Dr.  It was called to order at 7:07pm by President, Mark Tyre.


The minutes from the September 20,2016 meeting were reviewed. Everette Mason moved to accept minutes as written, Debbie Tyre seconded and motion carried.

Minutes from the special meeting regarding the fence repair were reviewed. Everette Mason moved to accept, motion seconded and motion carried.


Treasurer Report

Steve Adams, Treasurer, was unable to attend the meeting.  There were some questions regarding dues and also Hayride expenses.  Kevin McCabe made a motion to wait for clarification before approving report.  Jon Hicks seconded and motion carried.


Architectural Review

Don Peterson was not in attendance.  No report.


Directory & Welcome Committee

Everette Mason needs to be contacted when new residents move in.  Street captains please send updates to him.

Landscaping entrances

Bulbs need to be replaced.  Richard will check to see if it is an issue with the timers or bulbs.  The new holiday wreaths look very nice as well as the light poles throughout the subdivision.  A special thank you to the Zeiners!

Newsletter & Website

This still needs to be updated.  Minutes have been sent but not posted as yet.

Social Activites

Luminaries are set for December 22nd from 6:30 to 8:30.  Expenses were $275 for supplies and $650 for the horses and carriage.  The people able to help with luminaries will meet at 2pm in Pam Hanley’s driveway.  We emphasized that we can only allow adult drivers.  Debbie & Mark will put together a flyer and distribute them to the street captains to pass out. 


Yard of the Month

Maggie Peterson was not in attendance.  We do not have a report.

Old Business

All pillars have been straightened and the fence installation is underway.

New Business

The backflow testing for the islands will be done this month.

There was some discussion about the company contracted to maintain the islands.  We will keep them for the time being but will begin shopping alternatives.

There will be 3 judges for the Christmas light contest.  Eric Horton, Margot Faillace & Jon Hicks agreed to serve as judges.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be the annual board meeting with election of officers.  It is set for March 14th.

Everette Mason moved to adjourn at 8:30pm.  Peg Hobbie seconded and motion carried.