Property Ownersí Association of Oldfield Pointe

Meeting Minutes December 13, 2011


Richard Hurst, President, called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.  Minutes from the prior meeting were reviewed and approved as written.  A motion to approve the prior minutes as written was made, seconded and approved.


Treasurerís Report


Patty Ojeda presented the Treasurerís Report and stated we currently have $4,138 in the checking account and $5,200 in the capital budget savings account.  She estimated we would end 2011 with $678 in the checking account and $7,800 in the capital budget account.  She proposed a 2012 budget that is projected to end next year with $848 in the checking account and $10,400 in the capital budget account.  This budget assumes dues collection will be the same in 2012 as 2011, and dues remaining at the current rate of $115 per year.  A motion to for the board to vote on this budget was made by Janet Mahn and seconded by Don Peterson.  A vote by the board unanimously approved this budget for 2012.


Block Captain Reports


Richard Hurst stated that the storage units on Marnie and Ambrosia have both been removed and that the dead tree on Oldfield Point Drive south has been removed.  He stated that we still have some residents that are not taking care of yards and it was noted that some of these may be renters.  The board agreed to do a survey to determine houses in the neighborhood occupied by renters.  It was noted that the following are known to be rental properties:


3523 Equestrian                                                                3790 Helicon

11983 Oldfield Pointe Drive (for rent sign)            12048 Oldfield Pointe Drive

12088 Oldfield Point Drive                                            12119 Oldfield Pointe Drive (foreclosure)


Only 12048 Oldfield Pointe Drive and 12119 Oldfield Pointe Drive (foreclosure) appear to have issues with lawn maintenance.  Anyone with knowledge of rental properties other than these, please contact Don Peterson at 260-8065 with this information.


Architectural Review Ė no report


Directory and Welcoming Committee


Don Peterson stated he had talked with the new resident at 11974 Oldfield Pointe Drive, but did not know if they had been formally welcomed to the neighborhood and information obtained for the directory.  Don indicated he would do so.



Landscaping Entrances


Don Peterson stated that the sprinkler controller on the Aladdin entrance has been replaced and that replacement of malfunctioning entrance lighting on both islands will be addressed after the 2012 dues date, when funds are available.


Newsletter and Website


It was requested that there be a special newsletter devoted exclusively to recruiting new Board Members, Committee Chairs, Block Captains, etc.  This meeting is scheduled for Jan 24, 2012 at Richard Hurstís house at 11924 Oldfield Pointe drive.  This newsletter will provide HOA position descriptions, expected 2012 vacancies and ask for recent residents to take part to get new blood into the organization.  The 2012 ballot also needs to specify that residents should not be nominated for positions by another resident without their consent.


Social Activities


Janet Mahn stated that the luminaries and hayride will be Thursday, January 21st from 6:30-8:30PM.  Signage will be placed at the entrances requesting volunteers and providing volunteer start times.  The luminaries will be assembled at Janet Mahnís driveway and the hayride departure and food and beverage tables will be set up at the Hicks residence at 3526 Equestrian the same as last year.


Yard of the Month


Don Peterson noted that his wife, Margaret, has agreed to do YOTM for 2012.


Old Business and New Business - None


Date and Location of Next Meeting


The next regular meeting will be held Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:00 PM, at the Mandarin Library.  This will be the annual meeting to elect the 2012 board.


The meeting was adjourned by Richard Hurst at 8:18PM.


Don Peterson



Meeting attendees were Richard Hurst, Don Peterson, Patty Ojeda, Marshall Ojeda, Bill James, Janet Mahn and Katherine Paul.