Property Owners Association of Oldfield Pointe, Inc.
Annual Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2010
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Don Peterson, Acting President. The minutes from our last Homeowners Meeting, November 2009, were distributed and read by those in attendance.  Patty Ojeda made a motion to accept the minutes as written and Steve Easton seconded that motion. The minutes were approved as written.  He asked each of the attendees to introduce themselves.  (A list of those attending the meeting will be included at the end of the minutes.)
Steve Easton asked how many of the16 homes that haven’t paid their dues for 2009 are vacant or in foreclosure.  Don told the group that he knew of 2 foreclosures and 5 homes that were currently vacant.
Treasurer’s Report:  Don Peterson  told  the group that we currently have a balance of $10,553.97 in our account and he still has another $460 in checks to deposit which would bring our balance to $11,013.92.  Don made a special point to acknowledge that the Street Captain on Oldfield Lake Ct. had once again achieved 100% of her dues collections for 2010.  There was a $2913 carryover for EOY 2009.  (See attached document)   The dues for 2010 remained at $115/year. We currently have 105 homes having paid their dues which places us at a 77% participation level.  There are 30 homes still owing dues for 2010.  The Street Captains were given a list of who on their respective streets have/haven’t paid for 2010.
There will be some turnover in Street Captains this year – Pam Hanley is not returning as Street Captain for Equestrian and Nancy Sgroi on Marnie is leaving the board as well.  Many thanks to both of these women for the time that they have devoted to this association!
Committee Reports:  Don asked if any of the Street Captains had reports.  Pam Hanley asked that the next newsletter include a reminder about garbage cans and when they should be placed/picked up.  Elaine Weaver told the group that the Stancampiano’s home on Oldfield Lake Ct. had been sold and new neighbors were currently moving in.  She will give the name of the new neighbors to Heather Haynes.
Directory/Welcome Committee – Don Peterson reported for Heather Haynes that 2 new families have moved into the neighborhood.  Garrick and Ronique Gibson have moved into 3850 Marnie Place and Neil and Vanise Bourgeois have moved into 11986 Oldfield Pointe Drive.  Heather also wanted to propose that we send out a form to every homeowner to update the information in the directory since we haven’t printed a new one since 2008.
Entrances:  Don Peterson was pleased to inform the group that all the lights and sprinkler heads were currently working on both islands.  New seasonal flowers have been planted – no other report.
Newsletter/Web-Site:  No report.  Don thanked the Eastons for formatting and printing the official ballot of the Election of Board of Directors.  Don asked that Steve update the name of the Architectural Review Chairman on the web-site.
Social Committee:  Janet Mahn was not present at the meeting.  There was discussion as to when our next Neighborhood Garage Sale would be scheduled.  They are usually held in April and October.  Don said that he would to to Janet and suggest the 2nd or 3rd week of April.  He will also ask her to reserve a date for the holiday hayride.  Jonathan Hicks volunteered the Equestrian cul-de-sac to host the pre/post hayride festivities.
Yard of the Month:  Everett Mason was not in attendance but will continue to run the YOM.  It begins in May and goes through October.  Judging should be held on the 1st Sunday of each month.
Old Business:  Steve Easton asked if there was anything we could do about the tree that is on the home that the Vance’s use to own.  Marshall Ojeda said he would find out who was mowing/maintaining the yard and asked them about the tree removal.
New Business:  As a source of income, Don suggested that the HOA start charging for requests from Title Companies/Attorneys for estoppel letters.   Patty Ojeda said that she would check to see what other neighborhood associations do regarding requests for this document and would report back at our next regularly scheduled meeting.
 Election of 2010 Board:  All ballots were turned into Elaine Weaver and were tabulated. The results of the election are as follows:
2010 Board of Directors
Heather & Jim Haynes, Janet & Richard Hurst, Don Peterson, Patty Ojeda, Peg Hobbie, and Janet Mahn.
Elaine Weaver talked to the group and asked that the new attendees think about stepping up and taking an active role in the HOA.  The request did not fall on deaf ears and several more neighbors volunteered to be involved in the following capacity:
Jonathan Hicks – Street Captain for Equestrain
Ronique Gibson – Street Captain for Marnie
William James – Board of Directors
Richard Hurst – Possible Officer position
Tom & Katherine Paul – Oldfield Pointe (North)
Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 18 at Don Peterson’s home.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Elaine H. Weaver
In Attendance:  Don Peterson, Elaine Weaver, William James, Christie & Stephen Easton, Pam Hanley, Richard Hurst, Heather Haynes, Bonnie Ackermann,  Marshall and Patty Ojeda, and Steve & Casey Adams,
Buzz Jones, Ronique Gibson, Jonathan Hicks, and Neil & Vanise Bourgeois.