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2006 2007 Group Lesson Schedule

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Music Box Dancers ages 2 - 3

Music Box Dancers is a rhythmic physical exercise class combining classical music and creative dance to help your little one develop musical awareness by using kinesthetic sense.   Two and three year olds will learn to use their bodies as their primary instrument as they develop a sense of rhythm, timing and movement control.  The skills learned in this class will help your child play an instrument with musicality and musicianship later in life.  Come have fun with your little one as we sing and dance! 

Sign up for Thursday Morning Classes 9:00 9:45         Class Cost is $125

Choose one of the following 10 week sessions:

Sept 14 Nov 16

Jan 4 Mar 8

Mar 22 May 24

June 7 Aug 9

Sept 6 Nov 8

Pianist Petite ages 4-6

This unique program is designed specifically for children ages 4-6.  It is a high-energy group piano course which not only teaches students how to read music, but also introduces ear training, rhythm, theory and ensemble play.  Classes are taught in a keyboard lab located inside of the Piano Expo building, where each student has his or her own instrument.  Ten students are permitted for each class and a parent must accompany each student, so they can help their child practice outside of the classroom.  What could be more fun than making music with your friends?

Students are prepared for each concept before encountering it in a song.  Since the attention span of a beginning student (especially the 4-6 year old age group) is often short, several activities are incorporated into their 30 minute lesson.  There is time in every class to sing songs, play games and learn to play the piano.  In just a few short months, students will be playing with both hands!

Sign up for Thursday or Friday Classes 5:00 5:30 OR 5:30 6:00 

Class Cost is $125    Choose one of the following 10 week sessions:

Thursdays                                                              Fridays

Sept 14 Nov 16                                                                                                        Sept 15 Nov 17

Jan 4 Mar 8                                                                                              Jan 5 Mar 9

Mar 22 May 24                                                                                                      Mar 23 May 25

June 7 Aug 9                                                                                            June 8 Aug 10

Sept 6 Nov 8 (2007)                                                                                   Sept 7 Nov 9 (2007)